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Mayhem OD isn’t your grandfathers hunting show, it’s a new take on the outdoors and sportsmanship.
If you’re like us, you watch today’s hunting shows and are often times left underwhelmed and disappointed. They’re all the same, 30 minutes of winded guys and gals with scripted kills and even scripted reactions! That’s not the hunting we grew up with, and it sure wont be the hunts we deliver.

We’re throwing out the scripts and bringing it to you how it really happens. Some times you’re on top of the world, some times it’s ugly, sometimes its hilarious, and at times it is downright miserable… But that’s the mayhem in Mayhem OD! It’s real and we’re bringing it straight to your living room!

Get ready for a fresh, new look to the hunting scene.

Get ready for… Mayhem OD!